CS0004: Portals & Keys

Upon receiving Morozov’s folio, and reaching the working theory that there exist (at least) three ‘worlds’, the logical conclusion was reached that there must be a means of travel between them.

The theory was based on several key points: Morozov’s world was not our own, and the folio found its way to our world somehow. Morozov also made his way from his own world to Earth-Three and the Constant State.

The peculiar and particular nature of Morozov’s cube, its design and his subsequent disappearance (and reappearance in the Constant State) lead us to believe that the Soma cube itself was a means of transport between worlds, or at the very least; from Earth-One and Earth-Three.

There has been much speculation that Morozov’s cube acted as some sort of power source; where solar energy was somehow captured and utilised to create an inter-dimensional portal. Whether this was achieved by the design itself, or perhaps some property of the materials used is unknown.

Documents and communications which we have obtained quite recently have led us to believe that whilst Morozov was able to open his own portal, there exists at least one portal on each earth. We know of three such portals, each of which has its own ‘key’.

The portals themselves seem to be manmade structures, formed from stone. They are geometric, with repeated ‘steps’ used as a structural and design feature. The three portal structures are similar in size, with each having a unique configuration of the geometric stepped design.

We believe that there exist portals on each earth and that these portals provide access and egress to each of the other two worlds. We have been unsuccessful in locating the portal thought to be in our world. We are however in possession of a ‘key’.

Much like the portals, the keys are formed of stone, and feature geometric, stepped designs. We believe a key is needed to make use of a portal, however, we do not know how the key may be used. Some documents suggest that the key is carried upon the person, and specific keys permit access to specific worlds.

The repeated stepped designs used in the portals and keys are common to those found in ancient architecture here on earth; stepped pyramids of ancient Egypt and South America, as well as the step wells of India. Although no conclusive evidence has been found, we firmly believe that these monuments were used by ancient civilizations to traverse between worlds.

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