CS0003: Soma – Morozov’s cube

Before Doctor Morozov found himself in the Constant State, he lived his life as a prominent Architect and Scientist in the polar north of Russia.

Accounts of his life are scarce, but his final project before journeying to Earth-Three and establishing the Constant State is well documented; his Soma Dwellings.

Morozov’s own documents show that he was working on ideas for the Soma dwellings for many years before finally beginning the project; the Soma shapes appear in his notes at least five years before the project began, appearing with increasing frequency as the years passed.

Morozov funded the project himself and did extensive lobbying of local government and municipal bodies in and around Tiksi, where the dwellings were eventually erected, in an attempt to gain support and approval. His notes from the time describe how the dwellings, in Morozov’s mind, could be a shining example of a new breed of self-sustained architecture for the Arctic tundra and its dwindling population.

While Morozov had high hopes, and seemingly, absolute confidence in the project – records show that the local populus of Tiksi had a different outlook. Among the locals, Dr Morozov was seen as eccentric, and the project was shrugged off as the folly of an ageing academic, unwilling to accept the impending and imminent collapse of society as he had envisioned it.

Local construction workers who helped erect the Soma Dwellings told news agencies that whilst the doctor seemed to be a consummate, even visionary architect, his mood and temperament deteriorated as the construction process progressed. Reports stated that he became increasingly agitated and distant. The site foreman said that when he challenged Morozov on some of the more questionable features of the design, “He [Morozov] seemed to understand that a doorway on the second floor, with no stairs to reach it, was not practical. However, he seemed not to care – he was more concerned about the placement of the metal rods used to strengthen the cast concrete and was incredibly exacting when it came to measurements. He would not allow any tolerance to the measurements of each module, they had to be perfect to the millimetre. We spent weeks sanding and shearing those things”.

Similarly, Morozov’s own designs focussed on the overall dimensions of each module, the placement of the steel reinforcing bars and the eventual configuration of the dwellings as a cube; where there was very little detail concerning access, ventilation or drainage.

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