CS0002: Three dimensions

The working theory of our existence in relation to the Constant state is that there exist three ‘Dimensions’, and that these dimensions are linked, and navigable.

As with our own universe or reality, we do not know much of what lies outside of our own atmosphere, so our research into our two neighbouring realities focuses predominantly on the versions of Earth within them.

The three dimensions appear, to the best of our knowledge and understanding, very similar. Each has a version of Earth, which vary slightly geographically but are almost identical in form and mass. Beyond the Earth, the solar and wider star systems appear to be generally identical, with some subtle differences observed. For this reason (amongst others) we believe the three are in fact part of a multiverse, tied together by man-made portals.

For our purposes, we notate them as:

  • Earth-One: Morozov’s dimension, where he built the Soma Cube
  • Earth-Two: Our own dimension
  • Earth-Three: The Constant State

We, of course, know much about our own dimension, where we reside on Earth-Two.

The Earth-One dimension, where Morzov originated, seems very similar to our own. Capitalism, industrialisation and consumerism have ravaged the Earth, its natural resources and its ecosystem to the point where the human race itself is in peril, and the wealthy ruling classes have begun to actively migrate to neighbouring planets.

The third dimension, where Morozov founded the Constant State – seems remarkably different. The Solar System and documented starfields are the same, and the Earth is of the same mass and location. However, Morozov’s records and communication show that aside from the man-made portal he used to gain entry to the dimension, there are no other traces of the human race has ever lived there.

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