This archive holds all available information related to the existence of The Constant State, and the known dimensions or worlds connected to it.

The archive consists of documentation, imagery and artefacts collected from or pertaining to The Constant State, and theoretical conjecture and hypothesis based on that information.

We first became aware of the Constant state via a folio of notes written by Dr Adrik Morozov.

The contents of the folio were initially thought to be an author’s preparatory notes; information and research for a work of science fiction.

It became apparent, several years later, that the folio and its contents were, in fact, a project journal of sorts. They documented the unusual story of Dr Adrik Morozov and the events that led up to his discovery of the world that we know as The Constant State.

The working theory of our existence in relation to the Constant state is that there exist three ‘Dimensions’ and that these dimensions are linked, and navigable.

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