Welcome to the Constant State

The Constant State was founded on 1st October 2879 CE by Dr. Adrik Morozov upon his arrival from Earth One.
The Constant State has no boundaries or borders.
The State is autonomous and anarchist. It is a land of plenty but not of squander. Citizenship requires no application. All are free to enter and dwell in the Constant state, should they chance upon it; the portals used for ingress and egress are long since lost to us.
We are in a Constant State of Flux. We Stay Perpetual.

Dr. Adrik Morozov

This archive holds all available information related to the existence of The Constant State, and the known dimensions/worlds connected to it.

The archive consists of documentation, imagery, and artifacts collected from or pertaining to The Constant State, and theoretical conjecture and hypothesis based on that information.

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